Open more doors to healing with our signature "Healing While Raising Children"Workbook + Private Podcast series (released annually).


  • Receive a warm and soothing voice giving encouragement & grace as you go through your journey
  • Learn more about what healing looks like when you have an intimate relationship with Jesus
  • Messages are created for you, and safe for your daughter’s listening ears (use your discretion for appropriateness of topics discussed)
  • Get inspired for deeper thoughts and discussions with your daughter and other loved ones
  • Hear Bible-based Affirmations
  • Have exclusive access to 7 Private Podcast Episodes
  • Co-create your own transformation in a compassionate Workbook (Hardcover or eBook)
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Imagine having a sacred space to release negative thoughts and self-soothe your hidden pain. We're excited to connect with you at Soul Remodeling's Soul-care Sundays which includes a Digital Reflection Journal!

The intentional cover art on this Reflection Journal is designed as a reminder to love on yourself no matter what thoughts enter your mind. This lady is embracing God's love for her as the sweet-smelling sea of flowers provide relaxation. They also remind her to bloom and grow at her own pace, in her own way. Her purple awareness ring represents healing for survivors of domestic violence and chronic pain.

Open more doors to healing with our Guided Reflections on the 1st Sunday of every month for $10.


Blessings! I am Mrs. Monique Harris! I am The Relief Artist of Soul Remodeling™, certified in Trauma-informed Care and Therapeutic Art. Soul Remodeling is interior design in your heart so healing can happen at home™.

Because my intimate relationship with Jesus empowers me to be a thriving survivor of many things- I create soulfully sculpted Art and equip Christian moms with my transformative therapeutic art as convenient self-nurturing tools.

Our clients care about their daughter or niece's Christian walk, so we design fun creative ways for you to share the gospel while bonding and empowering her with Jesus.

My artwork features black women and girls of different complexions, highlights our natural beauty and hair, and is soulfully crafted with gems as reminders we are God’s special treasure.

I get super excited when creating gifts to honor and uplift others, vacationing with my family, hosting games and events, enjoying tasty sugar-free desserts, making up corny jokes with my children.


ANSWERS TO FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • When will I get my Workbooks + Private Podcasts? Upon sign up, we ship your Hardcover Workbook by the following Monday. If you ordered an eBook, it will be delivered to your provided email's inbox within 24 hours.

  • Can I give Workbooks + Private Podcasts as gifts? Yes, that's a great idea! Simply enter the Recipient's info in the Shipping Address (for hardcover) or Email (for eBook) section.

  • Can I send this as a one-time gift, with no strings attached? Absolutely!

  • Can I reorder past Workbooks + Private Podcasts? Yes, you can order past Workbooks + Private Podcasts from our Gift Boutique ( as new ones are released. Past Workbooks + Private Podcasts are one-off purchases (not a subscription).

  • What are the appropriate ages for the girls? Our Workbooks + Private Podcasts are designed for grown women. Use your discretion for appropriateness if you have a minor child.

  • When does Soul Remodeling charge my card? According to your payment terms, on the same date of the month.

  • Are the Workbooks + Private Podcasts themed or seasonal? Each Workbooks + Private Podcasts is themed without any seasonal references. This is intentional so you can enjoy every part of any Workbooks + Private Podcasts all year long.

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