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Yearning to escape hidden pain as a survivor of sexual assault, but mom-guilt makes you

push through for your children? Consider unburdening yourself with

Soul Remodeling's™ Listening E.A.R.™ Kits + Healing Circle

whenever or wherever you find solitude, so you can

devote time to your healing without feeling guilty for $25/week

(the cost of dining out, but your Kits feed your soul with love!)

Blessings from Monique Harris, S.R. President

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  • Listening E.A.R.™ Kit featuring-

*One repeatable Expressive Arts Activity ($100+ value)

*One reusable Gift (up to $100 value) to enhance your therapeutic experience and assist with each activity

  • Surprise Bonus Gift (up to $20 value)
  • Two Virtual Live Group Listening E.A.R.™ sessions for 1-hour each

*2nd Saturdays 11am

*3rd Thursdays 7pm

(Optional: Bring your monthly kit)

*Peer Support with Mrs. Monique Harris offering her literal listening ear, and your choice of emotional support or personal experience-based advice. ($600 value)

Like a sip & paint, but on a deeper level.

  • Exclusive member-only savings for our online Art Gallery and pop-up events

Enjoy 90% OFF Retail Value PLUS YOU GET THESE BONUSES...

  • Monthly Giveaway Entry (up to $100 value)
  • Exclusive member-only savings for our online Art Gallery and pop-up events
  • New Kit Brainstorming Sessions with Voting and/or Testing (when applicable)

***MONTHLY VALUE: $920 total ($230/week)***

Open more doors to healing with your Listening E.A.R.™ Kits + Healing Circle

for $920 $100/month ($25/week).

That's $820 in savings!

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Listen…this is the moment when you can cross “should” off your checklist. Don't waste another thought on feeling guilty or undeserving with “I know I should...” (for whatever reason).

Where do we send your gifts?
Get ready to receive your gifts!

If you're tired of being questioned about why you can't just "get over it" or let it go-

with Soul Remodeling's™ Listening E.A.R.™ Kits + Healing Circle, you can:

  • Experience the difference of a listening ear that gives support rather than advice
  • Address these feelings and more:

*Insecurities about making decisions and trusting your judgment again

*Pretending to be ok with, or feel good about things or people you don’t feel good about

*Doubting your capabilities

*Seeking constant validation

*Feeling like a failure because you keep making mistakes when you think you should “know better”

*Feeling misunderstood because other people don’t get it or support your decisions, which can also make you feel like you’re crazy

*Judging yourself and your progress based on what or how you think you “should” be doing

  • Discover what it looks like to be excited about life again
  • Be a part of a safe transparent sisterhood (peer support group) to unload your pain & frustration
  • Receive guidance on different ways to express yourself and use your voice to break the silence
  • Ask for, receive, and offer prayer
  • Enjoy therapeutic gifts from your Retreat Kits for wellness

SPOILER ALERT: Our Soul Remodeling™ Listening E.A.R.™ Kits + Healing Circle might make you release some expectations and tears; but they’re the compassionate grace-filled spaces dedicated to good moms like you.

***Open more doors to healing with your Listening E.A.R.™ Kits + Healing Circle

for $920 $100/month ($25/week).

That's $820 in savings!***

Remember: You are a good mom, doing enough, deserving of God's love & time to care for your soul.

Meet Mrs. Monique Harris, Founder

Blessings! I am Mrs. Monique Harris- God’s favored daughter, a woman, wife, mom, and kingdom entrepreneur of Soul Remodeling. As a mom + survivor, I understand how it is to continue raising your children while trying to navigate an unpredictable healing journey in life after sexual assault and/or abuse- regardless of how much time has passed.

Soul Remodeling's™ Listening E.A.R.™ Kits + Healing Circle are the first trauma-informed therapeutic Retreat Kit with soulfully-crafted gifts and monthly healing experiences dedicated to moms living life after sexual assault.

The Lord has graced & blessed me to be a college graduate with...

*Certifications in: Art Therapy, Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Trauma-informed Care, Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau

*Christian wives ministry leader for 4 years

*Honor of being the first Speaker at the 1st Sexual Assault Awareness Walk in Charlotte, NC

*Speakers & Writers Training

*Self-published Author

I get super excited when creating gifts to honor and uplift others, vacationing with my family, hosting games and events, enjoying sugar-free desserts, making up corny jokes.

You're in good company!

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Open more doors to healing with your Listening E.A.R.™ Kits + Healing Circle

for $920 $100/month ($25/week).

That's $820 in savings!

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